Turn ideas into a wallet full of money

Your own business is a risk, but you will be your own masters. It may take a while to start making money, but by combining a good idea, hard work and a little luck, you can figure out a decent fortune.

Do not hesitate to entrust


If you have an idea, do not hesitate to entrust it to close people in your area. You want to hear from them a sincere opinion and possibly advice on exactly what to focus on. But beware! Don’t tell everyone far away – you risk someone stealing your idea.

Start your business for $ 50

Start your business for $ 50

For many activities, it is enough to go to trade license . Entry costs cost you $ 50 and you can start selling handicrafts . Promotion will cost you a few crowns nowadays and if you find a famous market hole, your brand awareness will spread very quickly.

Read the stories of 5 people who started doing what they enjoy and now they are known by the world and their millions and even dollars are on their accounts.

Rolan Berg dreamed of creating a social network for Harvard students. So he started Facebook with some classmates . Today, his assets are estimated at $ 42.5 billion.

Reese Blunt proves to American children that Santa Claus exists. Parents can order a letter for their kids on his website for $ 10, and Reese will send it as Santa’s helper with a Christmas stamp from Alaska. In the first three years he has earned a million dollars this way .

Sean Coe was fourteen when he began making jam based on Grandma’s secret recipe . At first he sold it to his neighbors, but the great taste quickly attracted more people. He left school at sixteen to cook full-time jam. Today it has a factory and a company worth more than a million dollars.

Fulfill her dream

Fulfill her dream

Marmalade was also behind the success of Mila Cueva . Her goodies win prestigious competitions around the world, yet she refuses to make and sell marmalades in bulk. Nevertheless, thanks to her own business, she was able to fulfill her dream and set out in a caravan around the world. On the go, of course, they cook marmalades.

And another case of a skilful lady from the Czech Republic. Danny Huckoski designed and sewed handbags, which she sold on the Internet. But imaginative and original bags are so interested that today it has its own e-shop, a stone shop, 30 employees and sales of 15 million crowns.